Say goodbye to problem skin with our advanced and multi-functional clay mask: immense hydration, acne-clearing, anti-aging, and redness relief for radiant skin.

We're not like a regular clay mask, we're a cool clay mask.

AMOROSA is your new, reliable skincare partner. Made for all skin types, ages and genders.

Amorosa's advantage.

We're different, better.

  • Lacey, 41

    "This mask is my skins saviour! It cleared my persistent adult acne in just 10 days and makes my skin so hydrated and plump. I love using it as an overnight mask too, it works extremely well. Highly recommend if you're after a long-term solution"

  • Kyla, 25

    "These were my results after just 2 uses and in literally 2 weeks, my acne is almost completely cleared, my skin tone is so even and my skin is more hydrated and supple than it’s ever been."

  • Frances, 22

    "These pics are only 7 days apart and I had only used it 3 times. It's actually the only mask I've used that I've noticed a difference with my skin. My acne scarring has definitely reduced. It's literally so good."

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Why you'll love our formula.

Unparalleled Functionality

Whether you're racing through a busy morning and need a quick pick-me-up, sharing a pampering session with a friend, or seeking the combined benefits of clay and hydration in an overnight treatment, our highly versatile formula has you covered. Crafted with precision and backed by science, it's designed to cater to your unique desires and requirements, offering a truly personalised experience like no other.

Beautifully Curated

Our formula has been meticulously crafted into a super-lightweight mousse, enriched with a luxurious and premium blend of natures finest. Designed to deliver a host of remarkable benefits, this formula offers a truly all-in-one solution with a dramatic reduction in acne and pore appearance, while providing deep hydration and protection. Experience an undeniable boost in radiance and skin elasticity, as well as a more even skin tone and refined texture.

Ultra Affordable

With a generous 120g of product (typically lasting about 2 months) priced at just $64.99, we offer exceptional value. In contrast, other brands may appear cheaper initially, but when you do the math, over time you'll find yourself spending about $123 on average for the same amount of product. And let's not forget potential shipping costs.

The reviews are in... and we're a winner!